American Institute of Homeopathy

Presenters: Wonderful Servants, Sharing in Mastery

Roger Morrison

Roger Morrison MDIn 1978 while still in medical training, Dr. Morrison attended his first seminar on homeopathy in Athens, Greece. Struck by the amazing results he observed in Athens, Dr. Morrison determined to return to study at the Athenian Center for Homeopathic Medicine, which he did in 1982 after learning to speak Greek.

Upon completion of his fellowship in Greece, Dr. Morrison moved to California to assist in establishing the Hahnemann Medical Clinic and the Hahnemann College of Homeopathy. He has been one of the foremost educators and leaders of homeopathy ever since, having lectured extensively in the USA and abroad, having publishing over 30 articles in most of the leading homeopathic journals in the world, and having written three textbooks about homeopathy, with two more on the way. Dr. Morrison has carried on a busy private practice in the San Francisco Bay Area since 1984.

In this seminar, entitled “Wonderful Servants, Sharing in Mastery”, he will discuss some of the new methods used by homeopaths around the world: The Periodic Table, Plant Families, Miasms and Sensation. These techniques can add a whole new dimension to our practice and our results, but exclusive reliance on these methods can constrict our judgement and cause us to miss cases easily solved by simple repertorization and study of materia medica. In the seminar we will work out together how and when these new methods are useful and when they are best avoided.

Books by Roger Morrison:

- Desktop Companion to Physical Pathology
- Desktop Guide to Keynotesand Confirmatory Symptoms
- Carbon: Organic and Hydrocarbon Remedies in Homeopathy