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Prior Webinars

Roger Morisson, Analyze a simple case. Using perspectives from traditional sources

Dr Ron Whitmont, Homeopathy and the Human Microbiome

Our society is in the midst of an emerging epidemic of chronic Inflammatory Disease affecting nearly 50% of our population. Most of these conditions were virtually nonexistent a little more than a century ago, but have grown exponentially with the rise of modern medical pharmacotherapeutics. Compelling evidence suggests that these conventional medical treatments are the root cause of this epidemic health crisis, and that medical management, according to “Standard of Care” damages the microbiome and generates chronic immune dysfunction leading to chronic inflammatory illness.

The human microbiome will be reviewed in relation to conventional medical therapeutics and contrasted with classical homeopathy. Evidence of homeopathy’s unique and effective therapeutic advantages in the current epidemic will be reviewed. Chronic Lyme Disease will provide one example of how our current paradigm of therapeutics must shift before this epidemic can be reversed.

Iris R Bell, MD PhD, Pursuing the Biological Basis of Homeopathic Remedy Response




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