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2017 Webinars (mark your calendars!!!)


 Eric Foxman-September 7, 2017

The webinar will provide an overview of the HPCUS: what info is found in it and why it is important — even if one is not directly involved in the homeopathic industry.  It will touch on the process of adding monographed substances to the HPUS and give some background on the basis for the pharmacopeia’s OTC/Rx attenuation guidelines.
Lastly, the webinar will provide some perspective of the challenges facing the homeopathic industry which might affect availability of homeopathic drug products for practitioners and patients.

Bio:  Eric Foxman RPh has a rich history of work in the homeopathic industry. Eric is a founding member of the Homeopathic Pharmacopeia Convention of the United States. He is presently in his 10th year on the Board of Trustees of the HPCUS and serves as the Senior Scientist of the Convention and the Chair of the Council on Pharmacy. In these capacities, Eric is active in the on-going revision and updating of the contents of the HPUS. During the past 37 years, he also served for many years as chair of the Pharmacopeia Revision Committee, on the Monograph Review Committee, and continues, after more than a quarter century, on the Standards and Controls Committee. 

Eric has also been a member or representative of the American Association of Homeopathic Pharmacists for almost 40 years and is in the 7th year of his third term on the Board of Directors. He has worked on Continuing Education modules for pharmacists, and position statements of the Association.  Eric has been a presenter or host of numerous AAHP Compliance Thru Education webinars addressing legal, regulatory and technical aspects of the manufacture and marketing of homeopathic drug products, as well as webinars on updates to the HPUS.


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