The Program - Certificate Course inPredictive Homeopathy

The American Institute of Homeopathy would like to thank TxOptions and the Woodward Foundation for their support of our mission, including their support of this Certificate Course in Predictive Homeopathy.


$100 Coupon from TxOptions for each registrant for the purchase of homeopathic medicines of your choice.

This course is open to all licensed physicians (medical, osteopathic, naturopathic), dentists, veterinarians, nurse practitioners, physician assistants, pharmacists, and homeopathic assistants under direct supervision of AIH members.

Course Description

We encourage you to learn more about Predictive Homeopathy by reading Dr. Dick Moskowitz's review of the 2014 Vijayakar Seminar .  We also encourage you to read this message from the Vijayakars about why you should take this course. 

This course will include, but will not be limited to, the course material shown below.  This website will be updated with the course description of each session when this information is available.  Note that recommended books are also listed below. 


  • Application of embryology to understand and differentiate ideal cure from non-ideal cure in Homoeopathic Practice.
  • Application of embryology to understand the Law of Cure and Homoeopathy.
  • Application of embryology to know and understand the direction of disease and depth of remedies.
  • Application of embryology to understand compensatory cure in incurable cases.


  • Application of physiology in understanding the normal working of the human being, to understand cell, tissue, organ, system in normal condition and in the process of curing with respect to Organon.
  • Application of physiology to understand the importance of generals (such as thermals, thirst, perspiration) and mentals of an individual.
  • Application of physiology in process of CURE.


  • Application of immunology in assessing a diseased individual.
  • Application of immunology in assessing symptoms proceeding towards cure after a homoeopathic remedy.


  • Understanding the Genetic Constitutional Similimum.
  • Understanding the functioning of genes and their contribution to the mentals and physicals of a homoeopathic case.
  • Relating the study of genetics to ‘Miasm’.
  • Applying genetics to the study of remedies in acute diseases.


  • Understanding of Hahnemann's three Miasms in the context of moderal medical sciences
  • Deductive scientific logical explanation of behavior of cell, tissue, organs and system in the various Miasms.
  • Understanding Miasm in the structure of the human being (face, features, hair, nails, hand, attitude, speech, retort, action, reaction, emotion, behavior, etc)
  • Understanding the progressive and regressive differentiation of Miasm in a person throughout life from birth to death, from cure to disease and disease to cure.
  • Assessing Miasm in dreams and its importance in prognosis.
  • Application of Miasm in prescribing the Similimum (If one aspires to cure incurable cases).
  • Miasmatic study of disease and mind rubrics


    • By Family: Baryta, Calcarea, Kali, Natrum, etc.

  • By Class: Plants, Animals, Snakes, Spiders etc.

  • By Miasm: Psora, Sycosis, Syphilis.

  • By Rubric: Reportorial study of Benevolent, Positive, Conscientious remedies, etc                                                                                        
  • By Generals: Thirsty/Thirstless remedies, Perspiring remedies, Hot/Chilly remedies, Hungry remedies, Constipated remedies, Fat/Thin remedeis, Tall/Short remedies, etc.                                                                                                                        
  • By Speed: Fast-Quick/Slow-Lethargic remedies.                                                                                                                         
  • Mental Dispositions - Introvert vs extrovert, angry vs mild, timid/fearful vs positive, contented vs discontented, haughty, lack of morals, conscientious, diligent, vivacious, effeminate/mannish, benevolent, complaining, morose/sad.                                                                                                                          
  • Physical Dispositions

  • Dr.Vijayakar’s practical drug pictures:  includes video illustrations of posture, manner of speaking, build, speed of activity, attitude, type of crying, laughing etc…. innate characteristics; entry-points and ruling-out points

  • Prescribing for infants with particular atttention to the appearance of the child.



Art of case taking in acute diseases  and chronic diseases 


Study of important aphorisms vis-à-vis homoeopathic case taking, assessment of primary dose, repetitions, process of cure, etc.


  • Acute chart for treating pneumonia, typhoid’s, high fevers, epidemics etc.
  • Chart of Seven layers of Suppression

Online Support Group

All attendees are invited to participate in the Online Support Group for this course (which is open only to those who have registered for the full course).  If you want clarification of what was taught or what you have read, send your question or comments to, and the Predictive Homeopathy Faculty (including Dr. Prafull Vijayakar) will answer your questions. 

Certificate Examination

At the end of the 12-month course, an in-person examination will be administered to interested attendees.  The examination will be based on course content, including case analysis of   individual paper cases.  Those who pass the examination will be awarded a Certificate in Predictive Homeopathy.