The Program - Predictive Homeopathy

Description of Seminar

Allopaths, and many homeopaths, believe the disappearance of symptoms implies that the medicine has been curative, but disappearance of symptoms can be misleading.  Using embryology and miasmatic theory, Dr. Vijayakar will illustrate how to recognize the difference between suppression and cure. The study of embryology can shed light on the Law of Cure and assist in the detection of suppressed cases. The study of miasms helps us to trace the progression of illness as it proceeds from Psora to Sycosis to Syphilis and the progression of cure in the opposite direction.  

Dr. Vijayakar typically uses only two or three carefully selected rubrics and then eliminates medicines based on thermals, laterality and a deep understanding of the characteristic mentals of each homeopathic medicine.  He will illustrate the application of these ideas through video cases.

Comments from Karl Robinson, MD

"Working with Drs. Prafull (father) and Ambrish (son) Vijayakar in Mumbai over the last three-and-half years, I have learned -- aside from priceless insights into materia medica -- to live by the Law of Cure. It is absolutely thrilling to see cures unfold in this manner. Because a true cure follows not only the steps of Hering, but also those added by Prafull, it is possible to predict the outcome. Hence, Prafull calls his system, “Predictive Homeopathy.” In this seminar, you can also expect to deepen and sharpen your understanding of the great polychrests as well as to learn about some lesser known medicines."                

Anonymous comments from attendees of the 2013 seminar on Dr. Vijayakar's method

"I had his three volumes with me for the last four years, but never read them.  After the [2013] seminar, I started reading line by line.  I found it a treasure....I would not miss this seminar for anything."

"Wonderful new perspective."

"Treatment changes make more sense using Dr. Vijayakar's principles."

"I am now choosing rubrics which reflect Dr. Vijayakar's theories -- getting better results."

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ALL licensed healthcare practitioners are invited.