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Presenters: Cured Cases through Predictive Homeopathy

Prafull Borkar, MD

Dr. Prafull Borkar has worked closely with Dr. Prafull Vijayakar for more than 20 years, and has been practicing Predictive Homoeopathy this entire time. With the exception of Dr. Prafull Vijayakar’s son Ambrish, Dr. Borkar is the closest person to the founder, Dr. Prafull Vijayakar.

Dr. Borkar is a teacher who is renowned and in high demand internationally. He teaches Predictive Homoeopathy in a way that is structured and analytical, yet makes the material transparent and completely understandable to “western” thinking.

His strengths include case analysis, revealing categories and making a differential diagnosis between the different tri-miasmatic remedies. Furthermore, in his own special way, and with the help of tables and charts, he shows how you can easily trace and evaluate both the miasmatic classification of the illness in the initial interview and apply it in daily practice.

Hope for the Hopeless and Help for the Helpless

Both Drs. Prafull and Ambrish Vijayakar have made a commitment to bring homeopathic medicine to the masses by organizing monthly one-day clinics in multiple areas (especially rural) of India. Typically more than 1000 children suffering from autism, mutism, cerebral palsy, mental retardation, congenital anomalies, and other serious disorders are treated in these clinics. More than 100 homeopathic physicians trained in Predictive Homeopathy assist Drs.Vijayakar at these clinics.

Books by and about Dr. Prafull Vijayakar

1) Predictive Homoeopathy Part-I , Theory of Suppression
2) Predictive Homoeopathy Part-II , Theory of Acutes
3) Predictive Homoeopathy Part-III , The End of Myasmtion of Miasms
4) Predictive Homoeopathy Part-IV , Verbatim
5) Homoeopathy and Modern Science.
6) Treasures of Dr Vijayakar (compiled by Gunter Lutz)
7) Frequent Encounters, Dispositions Series - 1: Extroverts and Introverts
8) Genetic Materia Medica.

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Comments from attendees of the 2013 and 2014 seminars on Predictive Homeopathy

This was probably the most useful seminar I have attended in my career.

"I had his three volumes with me for the last four years, but never read them.  After the [2013] seminar, I started reading line by line.  I found it a treasure....I would not miss this seminar for anything."

"Wonderful new perspective."

"Treatment changes make more sense using Dr. Vijayakar's principles."

"I am now choosing rubrics which reflect Dr. Vijayakar's theories -- getting better results."

"My prescribing is sharper because of knowledge gained from Prafull Vijayakar regarding materia medica."

"Better evaluation of rubric choice and differentiation of miasms. This is making it easier to select a good medicine."

"I take a more thorough history to determine the progression of disease in patients and do a lot more questioning about changes in patients after they take remedies. Vijayakar's teachings have made this whole area of assessment infinitely clearer."