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AJHM - 2019

Latest Issue of the AJHM

Spring - 2019 e-issue
Volume 112 Number 1

Table of Contents

  • President’s Message: In Celebration of Homeopathy
  • Editorial: Welcome!
  • Letter to the Editor: Incurable Cases?
  • In the News
  • Wholistic Case Management: Homoeopathic Treatment and Lifestyle Modification
  • Cholestatic Jaundice Resolving After Homeopathic Treatment
  • Gestalt of §153 of the Organon
  • Something on Moschus
  • Large Scale Homoeoprophylaxis: Results of Brief and 31 Long-Term Interventions
  • Ultra-Diluted Toxicodendron pubescens Attenuates Pro-Inflammatory Cytokines and ROS-Mediated Neuropathic Pain in Rats
  • Book Review: “Cancer: My Homeopathic Method” by Dr. A. U. Ramakrishnan


Something on Moschus - a pure pharmacography1

George Dimitriadis, BSc.(UNSW), DHom.(Syd), DHomMCCH(Eng), M(Hon)JPHMA (Jpn), LiRF(HISyd)
Hahnemann Institute Sydney

Abstract:Moschus moschiferus was originally proved by Hahnemann and its pathogenesis is explored in reference to original proving sources. Formative substance trials (provings) reveal spasmodic, “hysterical”, convulsive and ataxic effects with characteristic concomitants and specific organ affinity. A case that was finally cured by this remedy is presented in detail with case analysis and case management discussion. Discussion also includes non-homoeopathic old-school sources which further elucidate the pathogenesis. Hahnemann’s pharmacographies are unmatched in their accuracy of recording and reporting the consistent effects (characteristics) of substances, with remarkable fidelity to the original sources cited.

Keywords: Moschus moschiferus, pharmacogenesis, primary source materia medica, case of “tantrums”, ammoniacal odour of urine, impotency.

Large Scale Homoeoprophylaxis: Results of Brief and Long-Term Interventions - Isaac Golden, PhD

Research Consultant, National Institute of Integrative Medicine, Melbourne, Australia.

Introduction: The term homoeoprophylaxis (HP) was first coined by Burnett in 1884 to refer to medicines selected according to the Law/Principle of Similars to prevent targeted infectious diseases. HP medicines were first used by Hahnemann in 1798 and have been used since to protect significant numbers of people against a range of infectious diseases in many countries. This paper updates a recent analysis of HP use internationally, and examines a large intervention conducted over 11 years.

Aims: To present a brief “snapshot” of some major HP interventions in three countries and to illustrate to those who are unfamiliar with HP the extent to which it has been and is being used, often by Government-employed medical officers and scientists, in many countries. To use new data to analyze the value of HP against established diseases.

Methods: Using a previous analysis as a starting point, a literature search for new data concerning