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President’s Letter

AJHM Letter (Summer 2017 Issue - Volume 110 Number 2) by Ronald Whitmont, MD - President, AJHM

Welcome to the second quarterly electronic edition of the 2017 American Journal of Homeopathic Medicine.

Members of the American Institute of Homeopathy (AIH), America’s oldest extant national medical association, are licensed health care professionals practicing homeopathic medicine who are extremely concerned about the safety of all medicines, not only those designated as homeopathic. Our society obtained and reviewed records from the FDA via a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request along with data posted on the FDA website reporting adverse effects associated with teething products containing belladonna. [...]




Wholistic Case Management: Homoeopathic Treatment and Lifestyle Modification

Jamie Oskin, ND, DHANP
Corresponding Author:
Address: Arizona Natural Health Center, 4144 N. 44th St., Ste 7, Phoenix, AZ 85018

Abstract: This paper presents the wholistic management of a case that necessitated treatment with homoeopathy (for facial twitching and paronychia), whilst another aspect of the case (type 2 diabetes mellitus) was treated with hygiene and lifestyle modification. [...]




Something on Moschus - a pure pharmacography

George Dimitriadis, BSc.(UNSW), DHom.(Syd), DHomMCCH(Eng), M(Hon)JPHMA (Jpn), LiRF(HISyd)
Hahnemann Institute Sydney

Abstract:Moschus moschiferus was originally proved by Hahnemann and its pathogenesis is explored in reference to original proving sources. Formative substance trials (provings) reveal spasmodic, “hysterical”, convulsive and ataxic effects with characteristic concomitants and specific organ affinity. A case that was finally cured by this remedy is presented in detail with case analysis and case management discussion. Discussion also includes non-homoeopathic old-school sources which further elucidate the pathogenesis. Hahnemann’s pharmacographies are unmatched in their accuracy of recording and reporting the consistent effects (characteristics) of substances, with remarkable fidelity to the original sources cited. [...]




AJHM Editorial (April 2016 Issue - Volume 109 Number 2) by Susanne Saltzman, MD - Editor, AJHM

Welcome to the April e-journal of the American Journal of Homeopathic Medicine (AJHM). In this issue, we present a case by Dr. Ronald Dushkin of a physician with recurrent prostatitis/urethritis who developed a multi-drug resistant infection after numerous courses of antibiotics which led to a severe decline in his health and a medical leave from his hospital position. Homeopathic treatment resulted in the complete resolution of his symptoms and his return to work.

This case should cause us to reflect on a number of critical issues: [...]